My Story

Gracious Survivor shop offers everyday lifestyle clothing and accessories with my signature trademark branding. If you have gone through life's trials and tribulation with your head held high with dignity and gratitude for life's blessing, then you are a Gracious Survivor!

Defining who you are and making that declaration is the first step to survival.  After all, we are what we say we are, right?  I know that having a sense of gratitude is empowering and it is that lifeline that will make us strong and forge ahead.  Lotus flower is part of the GS logo to represent that intention; to see the light from darkness and rise above.  "The lotus flower emerges from the muddy water to reveal the beautiful creation and it is Reborn!" When we are faced with devastation, we can't give up.  We have to find the strength - to reclaim who we were and reinvent the new beginning - to be a  Gracious Survivor.  Please join me in my journey to "Reclaim and Reinvent" through the creation of the Gracious Survivor products.